Bruce Pun (Pun Chi Man)

graduated from the Music Education of Macao Polytechnic Institute, the same period, he studied drum and percussion with the Beyond 's drummer Yip Sai Wing who is the most famous band in Hong kong. He studied jazz guitar in the CMA Music School in Hong Kong and learned many instrument in Macao Conservatory; such as saxophone, classical guitar, pi pa- and other musical instruments.

He had cooperation with many musicians and composers, including Jun Kung , Soler's Dino, The band 'Eastern Red(Vincent Cheng) , Cactus, Li Huifen, etc.   In the years. 2001,he won the the Macau Youth Music Competition recorder ensemble first prize and the 2004 Macau Youth Music Competition Classical Guitar first Prize with Honor. 2004 he went to France 's 'Ecole normale de musique de paris' to study classical guitar ,he has composed many kind of music,and regularly performing jazz with Toast Club in Paris,In 2006, he was invited by the French Plume Noire Publication, he composed the guitar and cello duo piece ' Pas de Desire' for the closing ceremony of the salon and premier perform on the same day. 

In early 2007

he arranged the soundtrack 'Arabia Karaok' for the video works for the multimedia artist Alice Kwok 's video works who is stay in Paris also. In the same year,He composed 6 solo guitar pieces for 6 picture ink picture which was draw by the Ink painter Hong Wai, who is stay in Paris. Bruce Pun gave his first personal concert in the opening of the picture exhibition. 2009, in Paris, he participate in the the VILLA LOBOS centenary concert, in the same year, He got the Diploma in classical guitar virtuoso. 2009, 2010, 2011 he joined the band Experience and played in MACAU HUSH marathon rock music festival. In 2011, Bruce Pun invitation of the Macao Arts Festival,in the Arts Festival,he performed the guitar suite which he was composed in Paris for the painter Hong Wai in 2007. 

He is classical guitar professor in the Macao Conservatory. Right after he return to his home town, he was first invited by the Macao Art festival and performed his composition < Bi Wu - Guitar Suite > which he was performed in PARIS in 2007. In the year of 2011, He started to work with the drama society, and the first milestone was acted as the music director of the drama <SI CHUN Good Woman>. In 2012 ,he was invited by the Macao Arts Festival's silent film 'Nosferatu' and composed back ground music for the live performance, the same year the song "Perhaps", "children's songs" were included in the iBAND2 album and '6 / 7 hints'  album Bruce Pun also took part in most of the arrangement for the album  '6 / 7 hints'. 2013, he was the third time invited by the Macao Art festival and performed with the Macao composer Nyo Kong kie for the Concert < Tomb 's event >, after his return to classical music. He was invited by the 1st Macao World Music Festival ( la fete de la musique) and act as the band leader of his band - EXPERIENCE. and with great feed back for the outstanding performance while they are performing on a truck in the town center of Macao. 

Bruce is the music director of the upcoming drama "Dead Wall", which is presented by Macau OX ware house.

His Band EXPERIENCE new album "NOW PEACE" released in 2013 fall winter.


2014 Bruce Pun new song "My Fado" published in the album "the sound of Macau". He was invited by the "2014 Summer Music Festival" as opening performer; In July, co-starred with the member of KPOP group "2PM" - HWANG CHANSUNG  in the Chinese TV show "If Love". In August, his composition <MY FADO> got the most popular song of TDM's 2014 Music award, Bruce is the music director of the Drama "Medicine". In November, Bruce's band EXPERIENCE crossover HK famous rock band - TAI CHI at Macau Cultural Centre. Afterwards, their new album "EXPERIENCE of EXPERIENCE" launched in HUSH 10th anniversary.

2014 and 2015, composed the movie soundtrack for "Caged" and "In Memory Of Her", which selected in "Macau International Film & Video Festival" and "Local View Power".

2015, invited to composed the movie soundtracks of "colorful love" which casted by Ms. Hawaii Wong, a famous HK movie star. The theme song "You are beautiful" is sung by the band EXPERIENCE led by Bruce. 

The album "EXPERIENCE OF EXPERIENCE"  released in March 2015 issued at Taiwan, also offered in itunes and kkbox. 

Afterwards, Bruce was invited to perform for the opening ceremony of Macau Design Center. The new song "FLU" recorded in the album "Macau Sound 3" and issued at August. The Portuguese Magazine "REVISTA MACAU" interviewed his band "EXPERIENCE", published in September. They composed a song《至愛》for Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau.  


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